Baringo County

Baringo County is one of the counties in the Rift Valley area of Kenya. The county borders Nakuru County to the South, Laikipia and Samburu to the East, Turkana County to the North and Elgeyo Marakwet to the West. It is divided into six subcounties: Baringo Central, Baringo North, Baringo South (Marigat), East Pokot, Koibatek and Mogotio. The County has an estimated population of 643,678 people.

County Nutrition Situation

Nutrition situation in Baringo is at a lower index compared to the national statistics where the 2014 Kenya Democratic Health Survey showed that stunting, wasting and underweight levels in Kenya are at 26%, 4% and 11% respectively. The stunting levels in Baringo County are at 29.5% which indicates poor nutrition status among children under five years in Baringo. The survey also states that wasting and underweight levels are at 6.9% and 20.2% respectively indicating the need for nutrition interventions.

County Nutrition Action Plan

According to the County Nutrition Action Plan, the total amount allocated for nutrition in the current financial year 2014/2015, is Ksh58.9 million. The proposed budget for the next financial year, 2015/2016 under the Ministry of Health, is Ksh1.4 billion covering the recurrent and operational aspects. The development budget, is Ksh266 million out of which Ksh4 million has been proposed for allocation to support nutrition activities. This is in line with the role of creating an independent budget line for nutrition and is covered under primary health care activities.

County Contacts

  • CSA lead Agency – World Vision International, Kenya,

P.O Box 50816,00200 Nairobi Kenya

  • County Nutrition Officer – Zakayo Kimuge
  • SUN CSA Baringo County Chapter has been established

SUN CSA Committee

SUN CSA County Chapter is supported by World Vision

CSA members participate in the following forums:

  1. County Nutrition Technical Forums (CNTF)
  2. County Steering Group Forums (CSG)
  3. County Health Stakeholders Forum

County Nutrition Advocacy Workshop

Baringo County SUN CSA Nutrition and Food Security Advocacy Training was coordinated by World Vision, from 21- 24 October 2014. The County Nutrition Officer and UNICEF’s Nutrition Support Officer were among the organizers of the event. During the workshop, the Governor of Baringo County Benjamin Cheboi noted the high levels of malnutrition in the County and proposed solutions to address the situation.

According to the latest nutrition survey conducted by World Vision in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Global Acute Malnutrition rates are at 21.1% in East Pokot Sub-county, which is the critical level of malnutrition. Governor Cheboi hailed efforts by various partners to address the malnutrition problems and pledged support from the County Government. The County Government advised the nutrition sector officers to present a proposal for adoption of some proposed strategies to curb high malnutrition rates.

The workshop was attended by stakeholders from the County Government, Egerton University, World Vision Kenya, International Rescue Committee, National Drought Management Authority, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, ACTED-Samburu, BCA, ACTED-East Pokot, Ministry of Education and Kenya Red Cross Society.

Advocacy Objectives

  • Lobby for an increase in funding for nutrition from the County
  • Increase the number of nutritionists in the County.
  • Form the Baringo County multi-sector joint forum.

Key Recommendations

  • Encourage the integration of CNAP into the CIDP.
  • Train chiefs and ward administrators on nutrition so that they can
  • identify children who are malnourished.
  • Have a multi-sectoral approach in dealing with nutrition by involving all stakeholders.
  • Reduce current malnutrition index from 30% to 0%.
  • Re-evaluate CNAP and make it more practical.
  • Find effective ways of disseminating nutrition information to the community.
  • Train 8,916 Early Child Development teachers on nutrition screening and monitoring.
  • Initiate school feeding programme in East Pokot Sub-county.
  • Build capacity of Ward administrators and Members of the County Assembly reach out to the community and give advice on nutrition.
  • Increase the use of rainwater for hand washing in all schools.
  • Increase household kitchen gardens to improve community nutrition.
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