Isiolo County

Isiolo County

Isiolo County has a population of 143,294 according to the 2009 census. The County’s topography is arid and semi-arid low plains. There are two constituencies: Isiolo North and Isiolo South.

County Nutrition Situation

Isiolo County has been hit by multiple challenges as far as realizing optimal nutrition indicators is concerned. Currently, prevalence of Global Acute Malnutrition rates stands at 13.2% according to the Standard Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions 2015 survey. On the other hand, underweight and stunting rates are at 16.3% and 18.1% which is higher than the national acceptable standards. According to KDHS 2014 results, wasting is at 9.1% while underweight and stunting stand at 12.9% and 19.1% respectively. The effects of malnutrition are profound sometimes resulting to death, disability, poor cognitive development all which have far-reaching implications on the overall development of the County.

County Nutrition Action Plan

Isiolo County launched its County Nutrition Action Plan (CNAP) 2015- 2017 on 14th May 2015. The CNAP is a product of extensive consultation with key stakeholders in health and nutrition including non-governmental organisations, the County Government and UNICEF. The launch was marked by a strong County Government delegation led by the Deputy Speaker who was the Chief Guest, six Members of the County Assembly, the Chief Executive Committee – Health, Chief Officers in the Ministry of

Health and a host of partners working in Health and Nutrition sector in the County. International Medical Corps supported the production and coordinated the CNAP launch with other stakeholders including Action Against Hunger (ACF) and GAIN. The County Government acknowledged that nutrition and the health sector in general is a priority and committed to ensure that adequate funding is allocated for their interventions. The Chief Executive Committee of Health Aisha Abdi, noted that the development of CNAP was a great initiative to push the nutrition agenda. She added that Isiolo County had received the second lowest allocation from the national government and stated that the Ministry would continue advocating for increased resources for health from the current 19% to 30% in the 2015/2016 financial year. In the current financial year, Ksh100 million is required for health programmes.

SUN CSA Committee

The SUN CSA County chapter is yet to be formed. An interim CSA Committee was established in April 2015 with the International Medical Corps (IMC) as the Chair and Action Against Hunger (ACF) the Host.

County Nutrition Technical Forum

During the launch of CNAP on 14th May 2015, County Government officers, CSA members and other stakeholders, signed the County he Generation Nutrition Campaign petition board pledging to support nutrition interventions. Action Against Hunger (ACF), International Medical Corps (IMC), Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) have coordinated a number of advocacy workshops in the county, with support from various CSOs, MoH, County Nutrition Technical Forum, WVK and KRCS. During the workshops representatives of the national and county governments, CSOs and CBOs, were sensitised on scaling up nutrition. The County First Lady Medinah Golicha was identified to the nutrition champion.

Advocacy issues identified by CSOs

  • Mobilise multistakeholders to scale up nutrition
  • Review County Integrated Development Plan
  • Increase of nutrition budget
  • Advocate for representation CSOs in the Budget and Economics Committee.

Technical support from the County Nutrition Officer and UNICEF’s Nutrition Support Officer during nutrition advocacy activities, is quite commendable.

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