Joining SUN CSA Kenya

Membership is free in Kenya

All NGOs/INGOs responding to Malnutrition in all forms are eligible

As a member of SUN CSA KENYA, you can

  • receive direct support to influence SUN Movement
  • participate in joint activities, events and advocacy to leverage your work
  • participate in the network’s thematic working groups or initiate a working group on your thematic priority
  • benefit from capacity building activities of the network, learn from others and share your expertise with others
  • receive information about nutrition issues and developments at the SUN, and about other member organizations or Networks
  • promote your organisation’s work to a global audience
  • network, share and exchange knowledge and experience within the network
  • enlarge your personal and professional networks
  • contribute to the strategic development of SUN CSA KENYA, by:

– actively contributing to the development of policies and strategies
– participating in the General Assembly;
– being elected as a member of SUN CSA KENYA Executive Committee


CSOs/NGO/INGOs can signal their intention of scaling up nutrition and joining the SUN CSA KENYA by sending a filled in SUN CSA Membership Application Form from a High-Level CSOs official to the Coordinator of the SUN CSA KENYA.

Once approved, a letter of approval will be sent to the leadership of the new member


Member Responsibilities

As a member of SUN CSA KENYA, you are responsible for

  • Fully adhere to the statutes, organisational policies and rules of SUN CSA KENYA
  • Ensure allocation of time/human resources for the engagement with the network, in order to contribute to the strategic objectives
  • Inform SUN CSA KENYA of any significant changes in the organisation, such as the change in contact person, name change, change of statutes, vision or mission
  • Inform the Secretariat of their separate work with strategic partners of SUN CSA KENYA, that might be overlapping or conflicting with the work of the

Member Commitments

In addition to the basic responsibilities, members are invited to commit to the following:

  • Participate in and contribute to the General Assembly, surveys and consultations, and other SUN CSA KENYA events
  • Engage in joint advocacy
  • Participate in and contribute to the working group
  • Share information and good practices with the network and establish links to other networks and coalitions
  • Raise awareness about SUN CSA KENYA to potential new members and donors
  • Raise funds for joint projects

Download Membership Application form

SUN CSA Membership Application Form

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