Our Identity

The SUN CSA movement is meant to scale up high impact nutrition interventions through advocacy, engagement in multi-sectoral platforms and prioritization of nutrition in budgets in governments.

The Mandate of SUN CSA- Kenya

SUN CSA draws its mandate from its membership as a registered Non-Governmental Organization with the Government of Kenya to mobilize, organize and inform Civil Society Organizations and individuals on nutrition.

The Vision of SUN CSA-Kenya

An independent and credible voice that influences actions towards improved nutrition at strategic levels in Kenya and beyond.

The Mission of SUN CSA-Kenya

To influence/ advocate for improved nutrition at all levels through strategic advocacy, policy advocacy engagement and coordination of members

The Core Values of SUN CSA-Kenya

Good Governance and Integrity: All stakeholders to transparently and honestly demonstrate the impact of collective action.

Innovative and Creativity: The stakeholders to use innovative, cost-effective and more creative ways to deliver quality services.

Equity and Justice: The concept of inclusion and fairness is expected among the members.

Partnership and Participation: The network believes in open multi-stakeholder partnerships that bring proven solutions and interventions to scale and active participation of members.

Network structure

The network’s supreme authority will be the general assembly which will meet once a year with the executive committee providing policy direction supported by three subcommittees. The secretariat will manage the daily operations of the network.

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