Principles of Engagement

The SUN Civil Society Alliance (SUN CSA) fully embraces and is driven by the principles of engagement of the SUN movement (as outlined in the Reference Note – Engaging in the SUN Movement: Preventing and Managing Conflicts of Interest) ensuring we remain flexible and are able to effectively scale up nutrition, while maintaining a common purpose and mutual accountability. The SUN CSA and all its members and partners commit to adhering to the principles of the movement: being transparent, inclusive, rights-based, willing to negotiate, mutually accountable, cost-effective, continuously communicative, act with integrity and in an ethical manner, mutually respectful and earn the trust of co-workers and doing no harm.


SUN National Civil Society Alliances (CSAs)

The intention is that CSAs, which whenever possible build on pre-existing arrangements, existing networks or CSO platforms for coordinating civil society within each country, advocate for an increased focus on nutritional outcome in national policies and programmes, as well as work to ensure that Civil Society efforts to tackle malnutrition are aligned with national plans. Each CSA comprises a number of CSO members, with the aim to amplify the voices of communities affected by the double burden of malnutrition and focus on the need for greater accountability to them. CSAs comprise international and in-country CSOs who are actively engaged in scaling up nutrition at the country level.

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