Samburu County

An introduction session before the nutrition advocacy training

The County has three constituencies: Samburu East, Samburu Central and Samburu North. According to the 2009 Census results, Samburu County has a population of 223,947

County Nutrition Situation

Acute Malnutrition in Samburu County has been increasing since 2011 where nine in every 100 children was malnourished. In the latest statistics of 2014, 18 out of every 100 children are malnourished meaning 12,000 children between 6-59 months are wasted. On the contrary, stunting (chronic malnutrition) has shown slow progress with the numbers reducing as follows; 2011 (40/100), 2013 (31/100) to 2014 (25/100).

County Nutrition Action Plan CNAP)

The County has taken some practical steps to address nutrition such as the development of County Nutrition Action Plan, the Nutrition Contingency Plan, National Food and Nutrition Security Policy and H1N1 advocacy. In the 2014/2015 financial year, health was allocated 17%.

Top County priorities 2015/2016 include agriculture (food supply) and health. The County aims to have a specific budgetary allocation for nutrition in key sectors.

Nutrition Advocacy Training

Samburu County Nutrition Advocacy training was organised by World Vision Kenya, 25-27 March 2015, to build capacity of stakeholders to address persistent nutrition related challenges more specifically stunting and nutrition information gap among all the relevant stakeholders. The training and advocacy workshop that were facilitated by SUN CSA Trainers of Trainers brought together 52 participants, among them representatives of the County Government, ministries of health, agriculture, water, gender and social services, and finance, ward administrations, non-governmental organisations, civil society and the media among others. The Ministry of Health officers, County Nutrition Officer and partners provided technical support during the workshop. The County Executive Committee Member for Health Irene Senei stated that the County was committed to tackling malnutrition issues and will employ more nutritionists to cater.

Advocacy Objectives

  • Reduce the number of teenage pregnancies by 70% in Samburu County by 2018.
  • Improve immunisation coverage from 56% to 86% by March 2017.
  • Improve Early Breastfeeding (EBF) from 33% to 50% by end of December 2015.


  • Reduce teenage pregnancies by 70%.
  • Find the root causes of malnutrition from available data and finalize deliberations on nutrition priorities.
  • Mainstream Multi-stakeholder coordination on nutrition in relevant sectors and ministries of Agriculture, Water and Education.
  • Establish a County Multi-stakeholder forum to spearhead nutrition agenda.
  • Establish an advocacy group to sensitise the community on the benefits of sorghum.
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