SUN CSA Secretariat

The Secretariat is instrumental in providing support and co-ordination at global and national levels.

The Alliance Secretariat is composed of two full-time dedicated posts. The Network Coordinator who directly supports the Executive Committee as well as co-ordinates the activities of the Alliance with the support of the advocacy and Administrative Officer. The latter is instead responsible for direct support to the counties and advocacy work, including communication promoting learning and sharing as well as advocacy capacity strengthening.

The SUN CSA Secretariat will draw from a pool of external experts, Members and consultants to provide additional support to counties’ chapters based on their needs in relation to advocacy capacity strengthening and project implementation.




The SUN CSA secretariat will provide:

  • Coordination – a full-time coordinator responsible for the management of the network, country support, support network members with information exchange and in developing plans and developing funding applications to the MPTF; and a full-time country support officer responsible for country support, with the SUN CSA coordinator.
  • Technical Assistance – through technical expertise support and capacity strengthening efforts including contribution to the SUN movement-wide capacity to deliver efforts.

Accountability and reporting lines

Ultimately the network and its secretariat are accountable to the women and children suffering from malnutrition. The SUN CSN secretariat is accountable to the SUN CSA Executive Committee and to the country-level Civil Society Alliances Assembly.

The Executive Committee is accountable to the SUN CSA membership. The SUN CSA secretariat is responsible for reporting to the SUN CSA Executive Committee, the Civil Society Alliances of the SUN movement, and the SUN CSA membership.

The SUN CSA as a whole is responsible for ensuring regular communications with the SUN movement secretariat and SUN networks and for linking to key SUN movement efforts.

The SUN CSA secretariat acts independently of the host organization and is accountable to the Chair, Co-chair and Executive Committee for the SUN CSA.


SUN CSN Secretariat priorities

1.Support Steering Group and SUN CSN in achieving their priority objectives

  1. Facilitate communication and coordination across SUN CSAs, and with the broader SUN Movement
  2. Foster cross-learning and exchange of experiences towards a collective of CSAs functioning as a learning network
  3. Support County Civil Society Alliances (CSA) in Kenya and build their capacity to:
  1. Get established, put in place sound governance structures that enables inclusive, coordinated and multi-sectoral CS efforts;
  2. Effectively engage in multi-stakeholder platforms and the development of common results frameworks and identify civil society specific contribution towards achieving agreed national objectives on nutrition, and measuring progress against nationally agreed indicators;
  3. Advocate for the development of ambitious plans with shared ownership and accountability and effectively advocate with all governments and other stakeholders to increase resources to support national nutrition plans and to track and report on these resources;
  4. Contribute to the multi-stakeholder implementation and rolling out of national costed plans as well as the monitoring of their delivery and the tracking of their funding;
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