Urban-balcony farming to curb malnutrition

A member of the chapter has received technical assistance from officers from the ministry of Agriculture. She stays in a 2 storey rented apartment and has planted all types of vegetables like cabbages, spinach, Lettuce and fruits like oranges, bananas and pineapples at the roof top of her apartment. She uses produce from her kitchen garden and sells the surplus to the green grocers, apart from earning a living from the sale of vegetables from her kitchen garden, she is able to eat well, thereby staying healthy.

A 5 Day intensive budget analysis training was conducted to 19 SUN CSA members in order to conduct budget Analysis and tracking.

The overall objective of the training program was to strengthen SUN network member capacity to conduct budget analysis as one way of ensuring that sectors formulate and implement nutrition sensitive budgets and equip participants with knowledge in tracking public expenditures (especially nutrition expenditures) to ensure accountability for public funds.

On 27th July 2018, a meeting with Members of the County Assembly Committee members for Health, Finance, Agriculture, Journalists from various media houses and members of the steering committee, of SUN CSA Mombasa chapter. The aim of the meeting was to advocate for increased funding for nutrition budget allocations.

The sensitization enlightened the committee representatives on nutrition investments and the need to address the key 3 ASKs which led to the chair for Health committee to have a buy in and promised to ensure that the health budget will be increased and urged the partners present to continue supporting our initiatives to support them.

Meeting with the First ladies of Kwale, Makueni, Homabay, Narok and Kajiado counties for their buy in to support nutrition initiates in their various counties. Workplans were developed.

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