Urban farming at the roof top of a farmer’s storey apartment.

3 media excursions have been carried out. This was in line with the national nutrition week theme, our food, our culture and the current drought that is biting the country and threatening 3.5m people with starvation.

Sylo heath group is a group of farmers who practice organic farming. The group is adding value to local leafy amaranthus (commonly known as mchicha). The leaves are dried and crushed to produce flour. The flour has a longer shelf life, and also when sold, the proceeds are much higher than when the vegetables are sold in their raw form. The flour is very nutritious and can be used to prepare porridge and healthy snacks like bhajia.This greatly contributes to food security as the amaranth leaves and vegetables are washed and preserved and crushed to produce flour to be used at a later date. They also produce peanut butter, vinegar and virgin coconut oil which they supply to wholesalers and retailers. All their products are milled in their natural forms and no additives are added, which makes consumption of their products not only healthy

but nutritious too. The fibre from the natural peanut butter and vinegar reduces weight, opens cardio vascular veins.

A case study on urban farming/multi-storey garden was documented. Zainab stays In a 2 storey rented apartment. She has planted all types of vegetables like cabbages, spinach, Lettuce and fruits like oranges, bananas and pineapples at the roof top of her apartment. In her words, she says “as long as there is soil and a little water, anything can grow”. She uses produce from her kitchen garden and sells the surplus to the green grocers. Apart from earning a living from the sale of vegetables from her kitchen garden, she is able to eat well, thereby staying healthy.

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Food is a right and a necessity for development. It is envisaged that members of the public will benefit from the footage and documentary, as they will get tips on how they can all start kitchen gardens and will eliminate the problem of malnutrition with acute food shortages and micronutrient deficiencies.

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