West Pokot County

Participants of SUN CSA and FAO Nutrition and Food Security Advocacy Training

West Pokot County borders Uganda. It is one of the 10 Arid and Semi-Arid Lands in Kenya. It is situated in the north rift and borders Turkana County to the North and North East, Trans Nzoia County to the South, Elgeyo Marakwet County and Baringo County to the South East and East respectively. The County has a population of 579,281 according to the 2009 census.

Nutrition Situation

Based on findings from the Standard Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions Survey (SMART) 2014, the percentage of children under five years at risk, malnourished and wasting, were 11.8% and severe wasting at 1.7%. In the County, the following areas are the most vulnerable; Ptokou, Pserum, Konyao and Kapsait as they have the highest percentage of children at risk and malnourished. Stunting in children, was placed at 45.9%.

County Nutrition Action Plan

West Pokot launched its County Nutrition Action Plan (CNAP) on 28th April 2015. The landmark document aimed at developing framework for the implementation of nutrition interventions for West Pokot for the period 2014-2018. The County Government was called upon to set aside a clear budget line for nutrition programmes. The total budget for implementation of nutrition interventions as per West Pokot CNAP is Ksh1.34 billion (2014-2018) with an average of Ksh270.6 million per annum.

County Contacts

  • County CSA Chapter lead agency – Action Against Hunger (ACF),P.O Box 399 – 30600 Kapenguria
  • County Nutrition Officer – Leah Chelobei
  • County CSA Chapter formed on 17th July 2014

Interim SUN CSA Committee:

  • Chair – Action Against Hunger (ACF)
  • Co-chair – Yang’at
  • Secretary – Kenya Red Cross Society

Members of Sun Csa West Pokot Chapter

  • World Vision Kenya
  • AMPATH Plus

CSA members participate in the following forums:

  1. County Steering Group
  2. County Nutrition Action Plan
  3. Public Private Partnership Consensus building

Nutrition and Food Security Advocacy Training

SUN CSA and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Nutrition and Food Security Advocacy Training held in West Pokot County from 26- 29 August 2014 was coordinated by Action Against Hunger (ACF) and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) with support from the County Nutrition Officer and UNICEF’s Nutrition Support Officer. SUN CSA called on the County Government to prioritise food security and nutrition in its County Integrated Development Plan, with clear and distinct budget lines for nutrition, as well as employment of more nutritionists. Currently, one nutritionist serves 85,331 people in the County. The County Government also noted that food insecurity and malnutrition are major issues in the area. Through different training sessions, participants agreed that each sector has a role to play in tackling malnutrition, hence a collective approach is necessary to improve the nutrition situation in the County. The County Government, represented by West Pokot Deputy Governor Titus Lotee and County Speaker Robert Katina, pledged support to legislation of nutrition issues and to increase resources to address malnutrition.

Advocacy Objectives

  • Increase West Pokot County budget allocation to the health sector from 24.4% to 35% (2015-2016) and to have 10% of the health budget allocated to nutrition.
  • Advocate for active participation of nutritionists in the development and review of the County Integrated Development Plan and the budget in the County.
  • Increase budget allocation for the livestock sector and home economics towards supporting livestock diversification by 2015/2016.
  • Increase the number of households practicing kitchen gardening to 30% by 2016.

Key Recommendations

  • County stakeholders to sustain joint dialogue, advocacy and programming with specific focus on nutrition and food security through multi-stakeholder platforms such as SUN and County Steering Groups.
  • Nutrition stakeholders to lobby for increased allocation of county funds to health of which at least 10% will be earmarked for nutrition specific and sensitive interventions.
  • Link existing mother to mother support groups to ongoing food security and livelihoods interventions for improved resilience and nutrition outcomes.
  • Lobby for active participation of food security and nutrition stakeholders in reviewing the County Integrated Development Plan and the County Nutrition Action Plan. Lobby for increased allocation of funds to the livestock production sector: allocation targets to be provided upon review of the County livestock production plan.
  • Advocate for funds and support communities to start kitchen gardens so as to support diversified production and food consumption.
  • Strengthen SUN CSA West Pokot Chapter to document best practices at the County level.
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